Think Outside The Pot!

A simple way to add character and joy to your garden, deck or patio is to plant flowers in unexpected containers. Pots are nice…they come in a myriad of sizes, shapes, and colors, and guests usually ooh and aah over the carefully-placed flowers. But I’m hoping they laugh in delight when they see what I’ve planted in my husband’s old boots or an old cookie jar missing its top or a garage-sale-50-cent teapot…or my latest plantings in thrift-store purses!

A few years ago, my church started holding an annual Spring Tea. It isn’t so much a formal event as a fun one, with exotic teas, delicious sandwiches and desserts, a speaker, and a hat contest. I have been in charge of centerpieces (they become door prizes at the end of the tea) and I scour thrift stores and garage sales for unique containers (mostly homeless tea pots for the past two events). One of my favorites the first year was a beat up, old, metal lunchbox…the manly, rectangular kind. I planted both the lid and the box, and since it was a lunch container, chose to fill it with food stuff like lettuce, chives, and other herb starts taken from my garden.
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Simple Bud Vase

On a recent road trip, my daughter, Elizabeth, and I stopped for road food. Road food, by definition, can have no nutritional value whatsoever, and on this stop we filled the car with gas and grabbed a bit of chocolate and something to drink. While we chose different chocolates, we both went for a lemonade that we’d never tried before, and, after tasting it, probably never will again! It wasn’t lemony enough for either of us and left a strange after-taste in our mouths. HOWEVER, the drink came in a uniquely simple glass bottle, and I couldn’t bring myself to throw them away once we got home from the trip and I cleaned out the car (which, in all honesty, was probably a week after we got home).
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