Procrastination Pays… Again!

I am a big believer in procrastination…particularly when it comes to yard work. Once upon a time I was a devoted gardener who wouldn’t let a spring day pass without spending some time eradicating baby weeds before they grew into the monster, flowering, seed-dropping weeds of summer. My flower beds looked great.

Then one spring I got busy (possibly lazy) and didn’t get to my garden until much later. I found so many wonderful surprises! I had sunflowers coming up where last year’s had grown and I had sunflowers coming up where none had ever been planted! Violas, lemon balm, lavender, lamb’s ear, alyssum, and more, decided to fill some of the empty spaces between the plants who “belonged”. I was happy to have free plants; I left some where they had put themselves and moved others.
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Procrastination… It Pays!

Sometimes, being a procrastinator is a bad thing…bills don’t get paid on time, or someone runs out of clean underwear. But, other times, being a procrastinator is a very good thing!

Take, for instance, gardening and carrots. A “proper” gardener plants carrot seed in a row, then diligently thins the seedlings, ensuring that the carrots left have the proper space to grow long and straight. I, on the other hand, start out with good intentions and fairly straight rows, but then get waylaid by other things. So, some carrots get thinned; others, not so much!
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