Llama-Poo Tea and Rose-Colored Glasses

One reason my gardens are bursting with flowers and berries and veggies this year is because I’m treating them to a regular dose of llama-poo tea. Yep, you read right…llama-poo tea! We have three llamas; Calamity Jane (who fell out of a moving trailer when she was young…thus her name), Rosie (Calamity’s daughter), and Zoe (who sometimes feels like the third wheel…I can tell). The girls aren’t particularly personable, unless it’s the middle of winter and you have a pocket full of alfalfa pellets, but they keep some of the fields mowed down with their grazing, they’re fun to watch, and they keep our sheep (Ben & Jerry) safe from coyotes (llamas hate dogs they don’t know).

Llamas (and alpacas) are unique among grazing animals in that they dedicate a spot or two in the fields as their bathroom. As time marches on, lovely, black piles of fertilizer begin to mound up in the fields, making collection very, very easy! Thank you, girls, for being so accommodating!

Rather than sprinkling the pellets directly on the garden beds (where they take a surprisingly long time to decompose), I’ve discovered that using llama-poo tea to water my plants gets the good stuff to the roots much quicker.
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