3 Reasons to Own Chickens

We have had chickens for most of the nearly-12 years we’ve lived in the country and we love having fresh eggs just a few yards from the back door! Farm eggs have a color and taste that no store-bought egg can match! As a gardener, I also love the manure our chickens produce. Once aged, it makes a great addition to my beds.

Lately I’ve come to appreciate the chickens for a whole new reason! But first, a confession. Even though we have ten acres of land, our chickens aren’t free-range. Between the coyotes that prowl at night and our chickens natural desire to scratch the ground in my flower/vegetable/herb beds (destroying young shoots and displacing yards of garden soil), we’ve chosen to keep them penned. The pen is very large and gives them all the wandering space they could want. The one thing they miss, in late summer and fall, is green stuff to eat and scratch. You see, despite the enormity of their pen, they manage to eat/kill anything green by mid-summer. So this year, I’m using that to my advantage!
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