Soap Making

Honey Oatmeal small

Honey-Oatmeal Soap

I can, and have, babbled on and on about my wonderful soap.

Here’s your opportunity to learn to make it yourself, scented with the essential oils you love most!

Class is limited to two people, and I encourage you to find a friend who wants to come create with you…you’ll each leave with 36 bars of wonderful soap.

Soap-making happens outdoors here, so spring, early summer, and fall are the best times to schedule a class. Classes in the middle of summer tend to leave us wilting over the cook stove (you’ll be wearing long sleeves, long pants, and no open-toed shoes…all for safety) and being too hot takes some of the fun out of it!

Each person leaves with 36 bars of soap…that’s $3.05 per bar! Three bars wrapped and/or tied with ribbon or raffia makes a great gift and costs you less than $10.00! You could create ten, one-of-a-kind, gifts and still have 6 bars for yourself! It’s a bubbly win/win situation!

Class Time: 2.5 hours          Class Cost: $110.00

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