Paper-Bead Jewelry

paper bead bracelet closeup smallWhat could be more simple (and simply beautiful) than a bracelet or necklace made with up-cycled magazine pages, maps and unwanted book covers?

The beads are technically simple to make, which means this workshop is for everyone! Because creating the beads is repetitive (read: not too mental), it’s also a class ready for good times and lots of laughter!paper bead bracelets small

These beautiful bracelets provide a wonderful opportunity for thoughtful creativity, too. Create a prayer-bracelet (or necklace) by either reciting prayers to yourself as you wind each bead, or  writing a prayer, or piece of a prayer, on the inside of each paper strip, where it won’t actually be seen. Either way, the love, peace, and comfort you work into each piece will certainly flow on to its recipient!

Writing an attribute inside each bead is another way for you to be super-powered by your bracelet (or necklace). Wear your responsible-kind-caring-loving-beautiful-joyous-faithful-fun-commited-dependable-truthful-peaceful-gentle-woman bracelet and nothing can bring you down!

Workshop time: 3 hours         Cost: $15.00

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