Garden Mushrooms

mushroom in pot 2What did the mushroom girl say to her best friend, the day after her blind date? “I think I’ll see him again. He isn’t much to look at, but he’s a fungi!”

There…now that you’re smiling, let’s talk about making mushrooms.This workshop is three sessions (yes, you have the time…remember, our goal is to be creative, in the moment, and social! Life isn’t a race!)

At the first session you’ll form the mushroom heads and stems from slabs of porcelain clay. Your mushroom heads can be smooth or patterned. mushroom in potThese pictures show a mushroom that I made using a doily that was crocheted decades ago by My Carpenter’s grandmother. The doily is not harmed in the process (I had to promise before he’d let me use it). Other impressions can be made with bubble wrap, canvas, or those woven bags that oranges, onions or potatoes sometimes come in…virtually anything with texture can be used to give your mushrooms their unique look.

The second session will meet two weeks after the first, because the clay needs time to slowly dry completely, before the mushrooms are fired in the kiln (which takes a couple days all by itself). At the second session, you will be presented with your mushrooms in their bisque state (fired once) and you will apply the glazes. Mushroom caps and stems are glazed separately. The caps sit loosely on top of the stems, when finished, and if you place two or three mushrooms close enough together, they’ll act as chimes on a windy day!

The third session is mostly about “oohing” and “aahing” over each other’s creations and seeing what worked the way you expected and what was a surprise. At this session the mushrooms will have come out of their glaze firing and will be ready for you to take home!

Each participant can make up to three mushrooms (finished sizes will vary between eight and twelve inches).

Workshop Time: 6 hours (combined)    Cost: $55.00

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