Framed Succulents

succulent houseIt’s hard to call this event a traditional workshop, because it’s so easy!

My Carpenter has the frames all made (house shaped and square (which holds more succulents)). Getting organized for folks to put their own frames together just isn’t practical right now. But you can wash your frame with some color before filling it, if you’d like!

Once you’ve chosen your frame, you’ll fill it with potting soil, then choose the succulent starts you want to use. I have quite the assortment to choose from, so you’re sure to get the look you want! In no time at all, you’ll go home with a piece of beautiful garden art.

The frames should be kept flat for about a month, or until you feel resistance when you give the start a little tug (this will mean that the roots have begun forming). Once the starts are rooted, your “picture” can go vertical if you so wish! Prop it against, or hang it on, the front porch, the back deck…anywhere it will get a good amount of sunshine. Bring it down for a good watering once a week, or whenever the soil has dried thoroughly. Let it drain, then prop/hang it again. When Jack Frost begins lurking around the yard, bring your succulent frame indoors for the winter. Keep it where it will get some sunshine, and water as needed. By next spring, your frame will have filled out very nicely! With proper watering and over-wintering, your succulent frame should last for years!

Workshop Time: 2 hours (plenty of visiting time built in, plus time for a “little something” to eat and drink).

Cost: $40.00 (if you search online, you’ll see that Williams-Sonoma sells a completed frame for $149 and Uncommon Goods sells a kit with a smaller frame for $100!…we are SUCH a deal!)

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