Concrete Birdbath

Did you know that birds actually prefer to bathe (and drink) near the ground? I’m not sure why that is, but this rustic, no-nonsense, Bird bath editedbirdbath will certainly please any fine-feathered friends!

Birdbaths like this one are easy to create, making this a great class for older kids, scout troops, and adults. I only offer this class when there are leaves and flowers in the garden that would make a good impression on the inside of the birdbath, because that’s the fun part…wandering around collecting things that will leave their mark (this birdbath is a large leaf from one of my horseradish plants).

It doesn’t take much more than an hour to create the birdbath, but the concrete needs to set up for 24 hours before they can be moved.

Workshop Time: 1 hour (plus pickup the next day)    Cost: $12.00

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