Butterfly Collage

My youngest child (and only daughter) is heading to college this fall. To mark the occasion I wanted to make something simple, yet meaningful, that she could take with her to Stanford. This butterfly picture represents her leaving the cocoon of home and undergoing her metamorphosis 900 miles away.college butterfly picture small

The hardest part of this project is getting the butterflies lined up relatively straight (because we NEVER shoot for perfect around here). The most fun part, though, is choosing the papers from which to punch the butterflies. Because I was feeling particularly sentimental, I punched these from brochures and other paperwork Stanford has sent Liz (the second-to-the-last butterfly in the first column actually says “Stanford”), but I could have just as easily used scrapbook paper.

Realizing that not everyone wants to undergo a metamorphosis, this picture can be made using an eagle punch,too…some of us prefer to soar! And it’s not just about students heading to college, either. This project can be meaningful for anyone undergoing a major change, personally or professionally.

Workshop Time: 2 hours          Cost: $30.00

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