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People are always telling me they love my soap, so I’m totally convinced it’s the best out there. Are there fancier soaps? Yes. Are there cheaper soaps? Most definitely. But for the things that really matter (lathering, gentleness, ability to moisturize your skin) my soap can’t be beat!

My challenge is convincing you of the power of really good soap! I decided to let the soap speak for itself (in a manner of speaking) by creating this Soap Fan Page. I will be encouraging everyone who comes to make soap, as well as those who buy soap from me, to take a minute and post a comment here.

Real comments from real people…there’s no better sales pitch!

6 thoughts on “Soap Fan Page

  1. Not only is the soap you make at Chris’s outstanding, but the atmosphere is delightful. The day I made my soap, my friends and I met on Chris’s deck. To begin with, her deck is beautifully appointed with flowers, water features and garden ornaments. But the view is incredibly awesome. You have this absolutely incredible view of Mt Spokane. Picture yourself in this beautiful location with friends, cooking this great recipe for moisturizing soap. Then you get to pick aromatics for your soap. You cannot believe the effect rosemary has on the final product. When you add something like rosemary to the recipe, you get a great aroma from your soap as well as texture to the soap. Get a friend and go make soap with Chris. It’s a really fun time for all involved!

    • Thanks, Patt! You make me sound so good! It’s true…the soap is outstanding and the variety of essential oils I have ensures that almost everyone can find the oil or blend of oils they want in their soap! Spearmint, peppermint, lavender, patchouli, rosemary, citrus, and anise are just some of the choices and each person leaves with 36 bars of soap (in different scents, if they want). I’m glad you had such a good time and I hope you come back soon!

  2. This is getting to be an annual event for Emily and me. Now I find myself guarding those bars of soap hoping to make them last. Only precious friends get a bar for very special occasions. This time Emily and I added color to our mixtures. I so enjoy your wit, Chris, and the endless beauty of the Greenbluff area including your own flora and fauna. What a great view! And this time you read to us, I can’t ask for anything more. After a tour of your new workshop and seeing examples of other classes I know this will be a huge success for you.

  3. I LOVE this soap and have made it with Chris three times. Not only is it fun to make, but yes, it really is the best, creamiest, smoothest soap worthy of any face. There are no commercial bars that compare, and contains only ingredients that are healthy for people and the environment. Do yourself a favor and go make some soap with Chris.

  4. Chris, My friend Susan and I made soap with you last Fall. It was a lot of fun, very informative, and we ended up with fabulous soap we made ourselves (with your expert help, of course!). I have been a little too generous in sharing my soap with friends and loved ones… I only have two bars of lavender/rosemary left (!). I hope they last until your open your deck for more soap making. Please let me know as soon as you do!!! Also, I have a special request… a friend of mine loves pure clove soap. Is that one of the essential oils you carry? I’d like to try it if you do. Thanks again for a really wonderful experience! I can’t imagine using any other soap ever again!

    • Rita,

      Unfortunately, being “too generous” with your soap is a common problem! Once you become hooked, it’s only natural to want to turn others on to the power of real soap! I can certainly have clove oil here for your next visit. Here’s my deal for you…bring someone new with you next time (maybe the clove-oil lover?) and I’ll give you a 20% discount on your soap-making!

      I’m hopeful we’ll be making soap again by the end of February. If Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate and you get desperate, let me know…we can always put a heater in the garage and get it done.


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