Our soap is all-natural, vegetable-based, and cooked over an open flame, much like grandmothers and great-grandmothers used (except our open flame is from a propane cookstove, rather than a wood fire!).

Each bar includes honey and/or beeswax from our bees (for extra moisturizing power). Many scents, like lavender and mint, include dried herbs from our gardens.

No fancy molding or artificial coloring here, just great handcrafted soap, country-cut into bars and guaranteed to be the best soap you’ve ever used!

My blog post, “The Dirt on Soap” is filled with interesting soap facts. If you’d like to find out what folks think about making and/or using my soap, you’ll find that here.

Did you know that good, old-fashioned, soap out-performs all the hand-sanitizers on the market, when it comes to getting rid of both bacterial and viral germs?

You can learn to make your own soap, by coming out to the farm and creating 36 bars of the scent you love most!


Honey Oatmeal

Lemon Grass