Christmas Ornaments

Ever since our oldest was young enough to hang his first ornament, our Christmas trees have been made up, exclusively, of handmade ornaments. My Grandma Johnson was an avid crocheter and made her kids and grandkids dozens of snowflake and bell ornaments. This was long before you could buy cheap, machine-made knock-offs (which we don’t allow in our house for fear they will be mistaken for the real thing).

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Santa Ornaments

One year the kids and I had loads of fun using tape, star stickers and reinforcement holes on plain, glass ornaments from the hobby store. When we had the layout we wanted, we gloved-up and applied etching cream. When the balls were cleaned and all the stickers removed, we had a marvelously creative assortment of holiday glitz for the tree.

Ceramic, clay, noodle, and popsicle stick ornaments round out our supply. Over the years we’ve collected more than we can use on one tree, so every year it’s a dash for each of us to get our favorites hung before the tree is full. It’s great fun and such a gift to have creative history behind each ornament.

The ornaments shown here are for sale, but classes are available for them, too. So, if you’re interested in starting (or continuing) your own tradition, please feel free to contact me about a class!

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