And The Winner Is…SOAP!

ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor, Dr. Richard Vesser, put hand-sanitizer with alcohol, hand-sanitizer without alcohol, and soap to the test on tonight’s news. The goal was to see which worked best at ridding hands of bacteria. His brave volunteers covered their hands with e-coli bacteria and then some used hand-sanitizer with alcohol, some used hand-sanitizer without alcohol, and some used good old-fashioned soap to get their Lemon Grass 3hands clean again.

The clear loser was the hand-sanitizer without alcohol…it hardly removed any of the bacteria! The hand-sanitizer with alcohol and the soap removed about the same amount of bacteria (regular soap and anti-bacterial soap performed the same..there’s no reason to buy more expensive, chemically laden, anti-bacterial soap!). But here’s the kicker…soap not only removes bacteria, but virus germs also; something the hand-sanitizer doesn’t do!

Woo-hoo! Good, old-fashioned, soap wins! Apparently soap lifts germs off the skin and sends them down the sink when you rinse.That’s why it’s important to lather-up for a full 20 seconds. That’s the equivalent of singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice (if you get bored with counting 1-and-2-and-3-and-so-on).

Remember, it’s that lathering-up for 20 seconds that counts…and nothing lathers better than my handcrafted, all natural soap. You can buy some here on the website, or you can come visit and make your own…bring a friend because it’s lots of fun!

Some things just don’t need to be “made better”…my soap is the perfect example! It’s packed with all the glycerin that happens naturally when you make soap, so it’s gentle and moisturizing for your whole body. Add to that the awesome germ-fighting abilities in every bar, and there’s no reason not to love it and use it!

Peace to all!

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